Fulfillment in our careers supports the success we crave.

You'll receive tools to support the just right balance between execution and receptivity.

Does it feel like you can't get a handle on your work life?

Are you frustrated and tired of feeling overworked?

Support is here.

Third Thursdays starting February 2017, Join Pearl Waldorf, Body and Attachment Centered Psychotherapist for a Career support that explores your work struggles from another perspective:

Be You: At Work ~ A Balanced Way to Productivity

A Balanced Way to Productivity explores a basic map for supporting the combination of receptivity and execution offering a new perspective on effective action at work. 

Be You: At Work ~ Interpersonal Success 

Interpersonal Success explores optimal and go-to (not so optimal) engagement states and offers tools for shifting in service to better communication on the job.

Be You: With Others 

Be You: With Others offers a deeper dive into all this material. If a space to experiment with different ways of being yourself sounds enticing.... 

If you have been struggling with states:

  • that impair successful communication
  • that isolate rather than connect
  • that get in the way of more meaningful work

Be You: With Others, a group process designed to support secure states of engagement, could be a good fit.

Whether it be engagement on a project or important interpersonal communications with key players, you'll come away inspired.

If you are running around trying to do too much worrying about the future…

If you are tired of beating yourself up for not taking steps to the right work…

If you feel frustrated and stuck in your current career…

Register here for a Be You: At Work Offering.

Shift Your Perspective.

It’s not always time for action. It's not always time to engage. Be You: At Work Offerings can help you sort out the right time to act so you can trust your decisions and connect with co-workers in a way that supports your success.

Transform your overwhelm into effective action.

Now there’s a way to actualize the potential you know is inside you.

I can't wait to connect.


Here's what people are saying about Pearl's work:

Pearl Waldorf is exceptional at creating space for you to feel what your purpose is. She spoke at my career conference. Attendees reported feeling encouraged, like their perspective had shifted. She helps you go from agitated to calm and focused. I'd highly encourage you to go to Ms. Waldorf to get more clarity in your job search. When you're ready, she will direct you to the next steps in your journey with career counselors and other resources.

~Mazarine Treyz, CEO, Wild Woman Fundraising

Pearl’s patience, openness, and deep listening made it possible for me to slow down, own my experience and more fully absorb the sensations and connections that showed up there. Creative work and self-exploration is complex terrain, and we are taking in more than we realize all the time. Pearl is skilled at showing up confidently to the center of the process, while carefully tending the edges of a group experience. She explores both aspects from a place of patient curiosity and genuine care, ushering and anchoring at equal turns. I needed to know someone could show up this way for me. I hope more folks can feel this type of connection, and not just with Pearl herself; she will help them see what they are looking for in themselves and others.  

~M Reid Parent, Fiber Artist and Family Therapist

I first came to counseling because I couldn’t seem to make up my mind. I was living in a haze of anxiety and fear that dictated my every moment. At first moving away from that kind of life is more terrifying than living in it, but I had found an amazing guide. Pearl’s presence, support and care helped me to find a new way to live. I am so grateful for her nerdiness, knowledge, laughter and listening. If ever you decide that it is time for real lasting change, whether it be in your familial life, work life, or your relationship with your own brain, I would recommend Pearl. 

~Lisa W. Individual Therapy Client