If you:

Feel isolated even when you are with others

Feel foggy, lost or disconnected from yourself

Struggle to manage impulsives and often act before you think in relationship

Attachment Work may be for you.

If you've been doing personal work for years, you've seen other therapists, intuitives or energy workers and found your progress unsatisfying. If you've looked at your struggles with overwhelm, fatigue and anxiety symptoms from a physical perspective with help from your doctor and as of yet, no dice.

Attachment Work could create the change you're longing for.

Attachment work is a deep, relational healing tool that drops beneath the veil of everyday consciousness to the place within us, which holds our oldest, most deeply embedded patterns. Via eye gaze experimentation and connected mindfulness, Attachment therapy processes support clients to observe their most subtle relational patterns, which creates opportunities for transformation on both neural and nervous system levels.

Curiosity, deep self-awareness and experimenting with the brain's basic motivational and reward systems are the basic tools. Clients can experience powerful embodied insights within sessions that, with custom designed take home practices, create the shifts they are looking for in their lives outside the office.

This work is a delicate balance of effort and allowing which requires direct experience to be truly understood.

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