It’s painful to feel stuck in your relationships or unfulfilled in your work because you can't seem to stand solid in yourself.

You want to speak up.
To be real.
To make an impact.
You want to truly be you.
To feel strong and connected.

When we let others' needs automatically take precedence over our own, we lose contact with our true selves. 

When we mask our most authentic self-expression beneath a fabricated version of ourselves, everyone loses. 

Be You: With Others is a group process designed to build the security it takes to be your unique self in connection. 

Imagine a safe space to get beneath your old patterns of hiding, or puffing up, or losing track of what's really important. Imagine an opportunity where moving beyond the fear of upsetting others is supported.

The non-judgmental framework you’ll learn supports a kinder, gentler understanding of why you do the things you do. Within the community we build together, you'll find the courage to try new ways of expressing yourself. In the hands of Licensed Professional Counselor, Pearl Waldorf, you'll experience the delicate balance of stretching and safety, whichs supports real growth.

Wouldn't feel wonderful speak up for yourself and your needs in the face of difference?

Rather than continuing your habit of acquiescing to your partner or your boss, wouldn't it feel empowering engage in the productive working through of the problem at hand? To put your unique ideas into the mix?

Isn't it time to stop making yourself smaller to make room for the other person or putting on a show rather than expressing what's truly important to you?

Using a set of simple tools we will shift out of autopilot and into the open states of awareness where deep change is possible. Be You: With Others offers the laboratory where you can experiment with more effective ways of being yourself.

Not Sure, if this is for you? Come to an upcoming intro session  Tuesday March 14th 6:30-8pm or Thursday March 16th 4:30-6pm. Register Here.

If you have been struggling with states that:

  • impair successful communication
  • isolate rather than connect
  • get in the way of the meaningful work you crave
  • disconnect you from your own experience

If you are tired of:

  • Putting others’ needs before your own 
  • Wearing a mask that hides who you truly are
  • Missing opportunities to contribute at work 

Be You: With Others could be just what you need.

If you feel ready to express yourself more authentically, Sign up to find out if Be You: With Others is for you.