Are you ready for the power of Group?

Intro to the Be You: With Others Group Therapy process upcoming: Thursday August 31st 4-6pmRegister Here.

Be You: With Others is a Therapy Group, designed to create a safe and contained laboratory, where deep self and relational investigation can take place.

Group therapy is not what you think it is. When most of us hear of an upcoming group, we want to know: Is it for Mothers of adolescents? Career transition? Survivors of sexual abuse. We want to know who it's for and what's the content, so we can decide, do I fit?

A Therapy Group is all about who you are at your core.

Be You: With Others Therapy Group offers a unique setting: one in which relationships can develop and deepen in an agreed upon mutual witnessing and engagement context.

This mutual agreement between group members, creates a transformational environment, where new ways of seeing and being yourself are suddenly within reach. Group provides an ongoing invitation: 

  • Become more deeply connected to yourself. Get to know who you truly are.
  • Look deeply at how you 'be you' with others and assess: Are you actually satisfied?
  • Reach out with more curiosity, compassion and understanding, even appreciation for others' different ways of being.
  • Take the risk of asserting your experience.

If you are looking for a safely held laboratory where real time work towards more authentic, truly fulfilling relationships is possible, Be You: With Others may be just the right choice for you. Group Therapy calls on us to be committed and courageous.

All parts of you are welcome and worth exploring in group.

Although Individual MIndful, Somatic Therapy is a powerful deep change format, many are unaware it can only take us so far.

When we are ready to step into interpersonal practice, bringing our core issues into relationship, we begin the real work of integration.

Therapy Groups offer an exploratory space where members can address a broad range of personal issues, as well the struggles that confound us in our relationships with others. We can enlist the help of our committed team.

As group participants, we provide and receive feedback from our fellow members and the leader. As bonds strengthen and we increase self-awareness, the container supports sharing our perceptions about how others' ways of relating affect the group. A Be You: With Others Therapy Group can become a holding environment set just enough outside the world of our everyday that we're willing to experiment with being and connecting differently.

If you struggle with ambivilence, fear or distrust in your connections to others, if shame impacts your capacity for success in your work or your relationships, group therapy is a potent space for creating the life changes you are longing for. 

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Not Sure, if this is for you? Come to an upcoming intro session  Tuesday August 31st 4-6pm. Register Here.