Drop In Sessions are a great way to learn more about yourself! 

I'm offering a repeating series of 5 topics for exploration and understanding:

  • The Attachment System ~ October 19th
  • The Emotional System ~ November 7th
  • Trauma and the Nervous System ~ December 14th 
  • Projections and the Character System ~ January 16th
  • Shame and the Inner Critic ~ February 13th

When one of these systems operates unconsciously within you, it creates a barrier to the kind of connection you envision for yourself. Be You: With Others drop in sessions support you to recognize the particular impact of each and make room for deeper satisfaction in your work and relationships.

Looking for another window into your internal lanscape? Try a drop in session.

Drop in sessions also offer a great way to get a taste of what you can expect from a Be You: With Others Process Group. Feeling safe with the leader of an interpersonal process group is essential. I encourage you to come in and get a feel for me and an introduction to the process so you can rest assured, this work is right for you. 

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Thursday October 19th 4:30-6pm


Thursday November 7th 4:30-6pm

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What can you expect from a Be You: With Others Drop In Session?

Each Session will support:

  • Identifying these systems in your own experience.
  • Learning how brain function and physiology express the inherent wisdom in these systems.
  • Connecting with others and learning: There's nothing wrong with you!
  • Getting a feel for me and a Be You: With Others Therapy Group.
  • Deciding whether the exploratory environment of Group Process is for you.


Here's info about the topics I'll be covering at each Drop In Session:

The Attachment System:

It is in our earliest "group," our family, that we learn how relationships work. The templates that supported us to thrive back then: Secure, Anxious or Avoidant are superimposed on our world today. Just a little information about them can begin to support us to sort reality from implicit echoes from the past enabling us to see more clearly, connect more richly and to feel more empowered to act in our lives.

The Emotional System:

We tend to hold one of two opposing views on emotions: We need to go into them to heal OR we need to detach from their misguided messages. Both of these arguments misunderstands the complexity of the human organism and implicit experience. Discerning what our emotions are ACTUALLY trying to tell us and whether or not that message is current, enables the brilliant guidance system within each of us.

Complex Trauma and the Nervous System:

Fight, flight or freeze activation left unresolved in the nervous system can wreak havoc on our capacity to self-regluate. We know this "trauma" in the body can result from specific overwhelming events and be treated. Far more confusing however, is the dysregulation that results from ongoing misattunements throughout our childhoods. Complex Trauma of this sort requires a different approach to healing.

Projections and the Character System:

Every one of us is a Multiplicity. A Constellation of many selves, each with a brilliant strategy designed to navigate our early relationships. As adults, we often seek therapy in frustration with the parts of us that seem to thwart satisfaction in our lives. Getting to know these aspects of ourselves and their particular perspectives on our world supports healthy integration.

Shame and The Inner Critic:

Shame, is an embodied belief there is something wrong with us. It’s rooted in a physiological, last ditch survival strategy designed to conserve our energy in the face of unbearable circumstances. The inner critic is born of our cognitive drive to make sense of our experience. If I feel this bad, I must be bad. We can learn to recognize shame and dis-identify from its painful story.

Come, learn about the systems that keep you stuck.
Learn about their brilliance, their deeply healthful purposes.
By knowing and accepting with gentleness the fullness of our human experience, we become more whole.

It is this gently growing wholeness, which becomes the foundation for deep change.

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