Current brain research tells us that talking out our problems (using our prefrontal cortex) can only take us so far in any change process. All of us have had the experience of knowing a habit or pattern we are stuck in is not working for us. We may have even come to insight after insight about the root of that pattern and know what we need to do to make a change but somehow the very action we know will free us from our pain or frustration, eludes us. Awareness is an imperative and often challenging first step where we can get stuck: knowing what we need to change but not being able to change it.


Here’s where our work together comes in. I facilitate a deeper process for exploring these habits and blocks that impacts neural patterning so real change can happen.  By making new connections between our prefrontal cortex (where cognition happens) and our limbic system (where emotion and feeling states occur) we can literally rewire patterns of behavior.  It is through real life practice of new ways of being and responding that we gradually find ourselves naturally making healthier choices.


I can support this change process in the following areas:

  • Rescuing the self from the fog of depression.
  • Processing through sexual abuse.
  • Gathering perspective on your own learning, mental health and attentional challenges or those of your loved ones.
  • Managing and alleviating anxiety.
  • Developing a healthy relationship to food and a positive body image.
  • Moving from relational co-dependence to interdependence.
  • Exploring Gender and Sexuality.
  • Working through Existential and Spiritual Crises.
  • Connecting to who you really are and expressing authentically from that place in your life and relationships.


I come to this work with a deep trust that somewhere in you, you know exactly how to heal yourself. My focus is to support you to clear the barriers, which keep you disconnected from that knowing.  We will listen deeply together to your story, both your brain’s and your body’s to discover the intuitive passageway to the healthy vision you hold for yourself.

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