Come on...

You know you want to make time and space for you this Summer.

How about diving into creative exploration with like-minded others?
How about learning a key tool for healing and transformation?

Sound like the exact right thing?
So much so that it feels scary to actually set aside the space for it?

Touchstones and Thresholds: Writing the Observing I
is for you. 

What about these Touchstones and Thresholds?

These are the moments in our lives that stick. That make us who we are. They are delicious material for writing into creatively and over and over we come back to them. We can dig into these defining moments to unsover the truth of ourselves.

And what is this Observing I?

When we step into the stance of our Observing I, we see beyond good and bad. We are wise and curious. We are always open to discovery. From the still water of our being we can gently hold our old habits, our survival mechanisms, our brilliant strategies with the gentleness they need to transform.

Stepping into the stance of the Observing I, takes us out of the fray of experience and into the realm of transformational change. This applied form of mindfulness (not the mindfulness of staying with our breath, of mantra of visualization) the mindfulness of deep self-connection and love is what we’ll spend our afternoon aspiring to together. 

Touchstones and Thresholds is a prompt based invitation for writers, healers, seekers and creatives (Let's not forget you: I’m not creative's... you are invited too!) who wish to dive into the richness of thT with new perspective.

Let’s write together in service to deepening self-connection.

Let’s write together to step into the healing stance of our observing I.

Two Workshops: 

Friday July 15th and Saturday July 16th

How Much:

Studio 16 at the BoxLift Lofts
333 NE Hancock St

Psychic Spelunkers
Meaning Seekers

I can't wait to meet you!