Fight, flight or freeze activation left unresolved in the nervous system can wreak havoc on our capacity to self-regluate. We know this "trauma" in the body can result from specific overwhelming events and be treated. Far more confusing however, is the dysregulation that results from ongoing misattunements throughout our childhoods. Complex Trauma of this sort requires a different approach to healing.

Next group scheduled to begin July 11th and will run 6 weeks every Wednesday from 3:30-5pm.

  • Spend time in a supported and safe space sharing your experiences with others.
  • Connect with companions who understand the disorienting, overwhelming experience of how trauma highjacks our bodies.
  • Learn to recognize the signals that trauma in the body may be percolating under the surface and to understand the true pupose of the mechanisms in play.
  • Learn from and share with others techniques to settle yourself, when a disintegrating trauma experience throws you out of connection with yourself.

Laugh, Learn, Share your Tenderness, Access your Deeper Wisdom.

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