You want what you do to mean something. 

Work is a big part of your life. Most of you spend more than a 1/3 of your waking lives at work. Of course you want it to make sense, to align with your value system.

You want your work to be part of a whole healthy life. 

You have something of value to offer the world, maybe you are not quite sure what it is but you are sure that it is, but how to get from here to there?

inVokation sessions provide access to the assessment tools and resources other career counselors provide but you'll also be seen as a whole person. I offer a deeper process, which examines your highest needs and values around work.

Many Career centers, Life Planning Courses, Career Counselors can offer a cookie cutter approach to the existential process of finding meaningful work.  They may not take time to know you as a whole person.

Career Exploration with me is a process of unfolding.

We’ll explore your story and look at your relationship to your work holistically.

We’ll get to the bottom of what's holding you back from right livelyhood, uncover who you are and look at the full range of possibilities. 

By choosing an integral approach to career counseling you are choosing yourself.