I am honored to work with clients everyday who are invested in understanding with more clarity what makes them tick. It's been an investment, I continue to commit to and I find my life is enriched every day because of it.

Therapy is not for everyone. If you've had bad experiences of it in the past or you are considering it for the first time, I welcome your questions, even your mistrust. Let's feel through it together. If you are struggling and you've come to the end of a long list of attempts to create the change you are longing for on your own, I may be a good fit. I'm pragmatic with a deep reverence for the wisdom of the human body to be able to find it's way. And here's a news flash: your brain is part of your body. I am studied in Interpersonal neurobiology and relish opportunities to share my knowledge of the workings of the human brain and nervous system.

An understanding of how your physiology may be attempting to protect you from difficult thoughts or emotions can be very orienting. A therapist should be a partner to you in the project of knowing yourself. Knowing yourself, taking the time to really be with your inner workings, the ones that are so easily missed in the busyness of our daily lives, is such a powerful step in the direction of the change you want for yourself. I know how to help with this. It's a commitment. And if you are ready to make it, I hope you'll reach out.