Trauma and the Nervous System: Self-Regulation and Relationship is an exploratory psychoeducational, support and process oriented group for women offering its members a space to connect, to understand and to be understood.

  • Spend time in a supported and safe space sharing your experiences with others.
  • Connect with companions who understand the disorienting, overwhelming experience of how trauma highjacks our bodies.
  • Learn to recognize the signals that trauma in the body may be percolating under the surface in your relationships with others who get it.
  • Practice connecting, expressing needs, thoughts, emotions and opinions with each other.
  • Do all of this in an environment of gentle curiosity towards the parts of ourselves that help us connect and that make connecting difficult.

Laugh, Learn, Share your Tenderness, Access your Deeper Wisdom.

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All of this will be offered in a supportive atmosphere grounded in an understanding of the havoc Nervous System Dysregulation sometimes wreaks on our capacity to be with others in a fulfilling way.

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