you are right.

you’ve been right all along. there is something more to life than this.

those voices in your head: 

i don’t belong.

i’m never going to get how to live in this world.

i can’t do it. it’s too scary.


you don’t have to let them win


you are thinker. a maker. a dreamer. you long for a life that reflects your values.

some people say your head’s in the clouds but you know, even with all the fear, you have something meaningful to offer the world. you are intelligent, sensitive, imaginative and you've spent time exploring your internal world, reflecting on your patterns. you've had plenty of insights. and yet you are still struggling. you keep reaching out for help but something inside continues to feel unreachable.

You are looking for expertise. 

I offer therapeutic supports grounded in cutting edge neuroscience research as well as more traditional psychodynamic theory. I utilize a body-centered approach that creates results that straight forward talk therapy can not. I am a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies, a program, which values our connection to the larger universe as an essential component of our psychological health. I bring an understanding of and deep appreciation for how, when given the supportive space to do so, our human physiology naturally unfolds towards healing and emotional well-being.

You want to be understood. 

I am invested in truly knowing you, one human being to another. And I have a gift for seeing past and gently illuminating the masks you wear, which keep you stuck and leave you feeling like an imposter in your own skin. We’ll create a process together that works for you, that starts exactly where you are and gently pushes you towards the authentic expression of your truest self. That’s the good stuff.

You want real change.

You can count on me to be direct and genuine. I can't help it, it's in my east coast blood. I’ll meet you with curiosity, deep attention and intuitive reflection that offers the perspective you need to move through blocks. I’ll provide you custom designed tools you can use outside the therapy office to move you towards your goals.


authentic relationships, a meaningful career, feeling at home in your own life, maybe even creative expression, it’s all possible.


you can put yourself first. 

it’s time for real change.